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Aldrick Joab Bradley
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Name: Aldrick Joab Bradley
House: Ravenclaw
Age & Birth date: June 3rd 1980
Year: Sixth Year
Aldrick is a very bright person but he is not disciplined, he will always leave things for the last minute, which will often add stress to his life. He dislikes studying, but he knows a bit about most subjects mainly because he prefers to read and look up stuff by himself rather than doing it for some sort of schoolwork. Some people might consider him a bit of a show off because he often talks about subjects in an attempt to be interesting, especially if he’s in front of girls. Al is a boy that has a soft spot for girls and more than likely he would do anything that a girl asks for which usually gets him into trouble. However, besides this little showing off tendency in front of girls Aldrick is fairly normal guy who will defend himself when threatened.

Because of an event in which he was stuck in a cabinet while playing hide and seek with his sister Aldrick is claustrophobic, he also has a fear of horses and any animals that resembles a horse because when his father took him horse riding once he fell off and the horse bit his ear. He had to use a cast on his left arm for a while.

Most of the time he will get bored with any little project that he has which makes him quite un-focused. When nervous he usually bites his nails, but one good feature he has is that he never removes eye contact with the person he is talking to.

His mother’s name is Teela Gisheak, and his father is Aldrick Bradley, they are both archeologist only big difference is that his father is a wizard archeologist while his mother is a muggle archeologist. Their meeting was in Egypt while Teela was exploring the ruins and its treasures while Aldrick was studying the spells that some of the tombs had. This created a slight tense situation were Teela thought that Aldrick was trying to steal the treasures from the ancient place. After a while of bickering Aldrick finally convinced Teela that he wasn’t going to steal anything and invited her for refreshment in a nearby restaurant. After this event they continued to see each other and after some years of dating they got married.

There was just one problem with their relation Aldrick never told his wife that he was a wizard. He also failed to inform that his family was supporter of the Darkest Wizard’s of all times: Lord Voldemort…not that his wife could ever understand not knowing anything at all about the wizarding world. Besides, he feared for the safety of his wife he very well knew that his family could not accept that he had married a muggle so he decided to just become a muggle archeologist and try to get away from the wizarding world.

What Teela didn’t know could not hurt her right?

On January 3rd their first son was born and they decided to name him as his father, but Teela just though that he needed a name that could have a meaning in history and so she decided on the Hebrew name Joab for their son’s middle name.

Aldrick had a very healthy childhood in Cairo, Egypt his parents send him to a private muggle school where he learnt the usual subjects never knowing that truly he was a wizard. True, sometimes he made odd things happen like the time that a teacher was yelling at him and suddenly a big iguana was found on her hair. The children laughed about this and so did Joab but he was taken to the principal for his joke and no one really believed him when he said he had not done anything, the teachers didn’t liked him for all the little odd events that seemed to happen each time he was near however the kids loved him. Aldrick was a bit annoyed that the teachers kept blaming him for things but he liked the attention he received from other students.

When he was 6 years old his mother informed him that he could have a baby sister, like any boy he was a bit worried that his parents could ignore him but after his little sister was born Aldrick was very happy and promised his parents to take good care of her.

After his sister was born problems started to arise, Aldrick could sometimes see his father whispering to the phone, and sometimes letting owls to go inside the house. Not only that but sometimes his father could disappear for days and this affected his marriage. The excuse that his father used was that he was visiting his family, which was partly truth, one of his brother’s had been send to Azkaban, and so had one of his cousins and this meant that he had to keep checking on his parents just to keep them out of trouble.

When his mother confronted his father and told him that they should all visit his parents (Teela had never met them before) his father denied it at all cost…this seemed to be the last straw because in the next week his mother had accepted a job in a museum in England and moved away with her children after informing her husband of her plans.

Life was not easy settling in England, the two children and their mother had to live with their grandma for a while but after a couple of years the family was living in an acceptable apartment.

Each time that Aldrick asked his mother where his father was she sighed and said “Mommy and daddy need a bit of time apart.”

Aldrick and his sister grew used to his father not being around every day, but he could always drop by almost every single day to check on his family. This stroke as a bit odd to his wife but she didn’t questioned it too much.

Meanwhile, Aldrick continued to grow and as he did even more odd things started to happen until on his eleventh Birthday he was send up to his room during a family dinner with his father for apparently breaking his plate because he was mad. While his father stayed talking to his mother. A few minutes after the event (and his parents fighting) a window broke, as his sister exited the room.

Aldrick was mad, once again he had not done anything at all! He was just mad because his mother kept treating his father as if he had done something horrible, which he knew he hadn’t. However, when he got to his room he let out a scream.

There was a barn owl standing on his bed with a letter attached to its beak, his parents immediately went up to his room (and so did his sister.) to see what was wrong. His father was proud and quickly ran to hug his son, and explained to him about the wizarding world, however the explanation had to be stopped because his mother had fainted.

His father took him shopping for school supplies and told him everything about the school, including about its great headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.

His years at Hogwarts were spend nicely not many people knew him but h did not mind this. The only event that had a big influence in his life was the Triwizard Tournament. After this event Aldrick returned home to find that his father was insisting that they moved back to Egypt, but when his mother said not his father decided to move in with his family (but sleeping on the couch) to protect them and help the Ministry in every way possible.

Play-by: Jake Gyllenhaal